A blessing indeed!

February 2016, when we decided to have another baby as a couple. My first-born is already seven years old, the spacing is really far, way far to have a sibling. My daughter kept on telling us that she wants to have a sibling, by God’s grace God gave us immediately what she asked for. It was just a try if I will conceive or not but indeed God’s timing is always on time! We cannot question His decision nor can we say please delay for a while I am not yet ready.

April 14, 2016, we found out that I have a pea in my belly. It brought me to tears while the doctor’s telling me that I have a blessing in my womb. Tears of joy because it was a surprise, I am a certified catcher! Lol!(I must say If we planned to have a baby earlier, by now maybe I have lots of angels already, lol.) Below is the first ultrasound I have for my baby!


Before the year ends my baby boom will pop and say to the world HELLO! I will always be grateful to GOD for He always provides and gives amazing blessing beyond what we expect and ask for. My husband and I cannot contain the immense joy this little one has brought us. We are excited to hold you and take care of you our little one. Thank you God for everything, please give us a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. #littlepoyaks or #littlehazelle?






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