Crazy over sweets

Sweet cravings!


I remember when I was ten years old I did my very first butter cake. It was so old-school kinda thingy, where I just made use of the very list and simple baking tools available in our humble kitchen, where pictures and social media is not a fad during those innocent years of mine, the sad part is I wasn’t able to capture its memento.

 If it's in you, it will shine outrageously out in the open. Ready to explore!

Needless to say I am very fascinated about anything sweet and fancy. When I became a mother it is my joy seeing every occasion well celebrated especially to my little one. Two years ago, I decided to enroll in a technical school here in our locality to enhance my skills and make use of it. Since then I made it a point that every occasion and every laid-back weekends I bake for my family. It brings tremendous joy, seeing them loving and savoring every bit of what you’ve prepared for them, the consolation is the grin in every bite and always craving for your recipe not contemplating on what is available in the market.

My little one who is a toddler then, will bring to school what I baked as her “baon”, that’s our local term meaning “snack”. Sharing to every classmate and group of mommies in the school. It became a word of mouth asking me to bake for them especially during every occasion in their own household. Yes, I tried to made it as a business, it was a breeze and orders are coming fast! I thank God that I have the ability to market and make money just in an instance. Let me share to you below my very first Oreo chocolate moist cake  I made for the son of my family friend named BLAKE he was four years old then.


#oreo #chocolate #moist #cake

How can I forget my little one, sharing below is what I made for her sixth birthday last year.cakes2

Aside from the usual cakes and the like I tried to master how to make the macarons as well.maca

But because I am a working mom, I decided to just prepare and bake for my loved ones, I cannot hurdle multi-tasking at the same time a mother and wife by heart. Anyways, for your delight I might share some of this days to all of you recipes of what I’ve been baking. It’s my pleasure seeing all of you exploring in the kitchen as well. Until then readers!



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